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Japanese Melodies for Shakuhachi, Kinko


Japanese Melodies for Shakuhachi, Kinko

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Let's play some of Japan's most famous songs, such as songs for children, children's songs, shoka, and folk songs, which are called the heart of Japan, on the shakuhachi, Japan's world-class musical instrument!
Akagi no Komotiuta, Kasuba no Onna, Hoshi no Nagareni, Aikoku no Hana, Sumidagawa, Senyu, Naniwa Komotiuta, Tsuki no Sabaku, Kojo no Tsuki,Hakone no Yama, and more. See the images for all titles.

Shakuhachi-Japanese Melodies by Kimpu Ishidaka

Written in kinko style.

About Oldies, Pops, Minyo 70 Japanese songs.

76 pages.

A4 size, Japanese only.

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