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Shakuhachi Hits and Pops, Tozan


Shakuhachi Hits and Pops, Tozan

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This is a collection of shakuhachi pieces by the TOZAN school of shakuhachi that includes a variety of hit pieces, from the standard pieces that everyone knows to the latest tunes.

Shakuhachi Hits and Pops by Teizan Suzuki

Written in tozan style.
Aiuta(GreeeeN), Eiko no Kakehashi(Yuzu), Kazoku ni Narouyo(Fukuyama Masaharu), Saudade(Porno Graffitti), Senbon-sakura(kurousaP), HANABI(Mr. Children), Himawari no Yakusoku(Hata Motohiro), Friends(Rebecca), Makenaide(ZARD), Michi(EXELE), and more. See the images for all titles.

58 famous pop hits of shakuhachi notation.

A4 size, Japanese only.

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