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03.01 RARE!! Ranjo's Bamboo Ryuteki in Stock now.
02.20 Store is closed on Feb 23(Fri) due to the national holiday.
01.13 HaPpY 2024!!
12.26 We are CLOSED from Dec.29 to Jan 8 for the New Year Holidays!

11.25 Shakuhachi Dial Caliper Gauge: Qty.1 avaiblae now!
11.15 DHL rate to increase as of January 1, 2024 by @6%.
10.28 Komuso Set in Stock now.
10.20 HAYAO MIYAZAKI & STUDIO GHIBLI Shinobue music arrived!
10.03 USED Out-of-print shakuhachi books for sale
09.22 Final price, Seika Pre-owned Shakuhachi 1.6. Limited time!
09.16 Rare Shakuhachi Books Available! 
09.01 Katana Rasps for Making a Kinko Utaguchi: Limited Qty!
06.29 GLASS FIBRE SHAKUHACHI 1.6 Just Arrived!!
06.12 Genuine Leather Shakuhachi Bag, Back in Stock!
06.09 New Arrival! Shinobue Long Size Bags, Fits Nohkan & Ryuteki
06.08 New Arrival! Padded Shakuhachi Bag -LONG

04.06 Rippei Uta Shinobue: New Arrivals!











Mejiro is unique in that WE HAVE FULL-TIME BILINGUAL STAFF who can answer questions by email, phone or directly in our store. In this way, we are set apart from many other Japanese retailers who have English websites but no actual English speakers on staff. It is our goal to effectively and consistently address the needs of our customers based all over the world. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at access'at'mejiro-japan.com with any questions!
What We Offer
Mejiro proudly offers a wide range of exclusive Japanese products. Our store is distinctive in that we sell authentic high-quality Japanese goods that are truly unique to the culture. All products sold at Mejiro offer the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that the world has come to expect from items made in Japan.
Dedicated to Quality of Artisanship
Japanese craftsmanship has been long admired and Mejiro strives to hold true to our country’s dedication to excellence. Our customers return time and time again as great majority of the goods sold through our online store are handcrafted in Japan.
Further, our Japanese products are ECO-friendly as they are made from natural materials and created in a sustainable fashion. Everyone at Mejiro takes pride in our consistent adherence to rigorous safety guidelines. For example, our knives, like all of our diverse product offerings, are both durable and dependable.


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