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Polishing Brush- Uzukuri


Polishing Brush- Uzukuri

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A FINE type Uzukuri will be on sale at etsy.com when we have a stock.(2024/05/30)
You can also search by the title "Uzukuri Japanese Wood Polishing Brush."

*Fine & Medium are sold out, and no longer manufactured.

This unique hand-made brush is ideal for scrubbing and polishing of wooden fittings, etc.
Uzukuri is used for scrubbing wood to give it texture, traditionally made of dried grass bound together by hemp cord. Also great for working on the outside of the bamboo or wood and removing small bits of urushi. Widely used by furniture makers, woodworkers, carpenters, and urushi artists.
The brush is made of perennial herbs of the grass family.
The number of craftsmen making this brush was drastically reduced and these brushes have become extremely difficult to obtain recently.
How to Use: When the brush is worn out, remove one roll of the string that is wrapped around the body.
The center string should be pulled in and tightened as strongly as possible. If it's loose, it will be difficult to polish.
Dia: 36mm, Length: 180mm.

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