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Kintsugi Repair Master Kit with Real GOLD, Kintsukuroi


Kintsugi Repair Master Kit with Real GOLD, Kintsukuroi

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Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of using urushi lacquer, mixed with genuine gold to repair broken pottery and porcelain. The philosophy behind this technique is to treat the repair as part of the object’s history as opposed to treating the repair as something to hide as if it never happened. The resulting repaired pottery will be both visually appealing and durable as well.

The Japanese have been using lacquering techniques for approximately 9,000 years, and this skill and art form is still valued to this day.

With our Master Kit, you can effectively repair dozens of broken objects in a very traditional method using real urushi lacquers, without artificial materials.

The main difference between this kit and our best-selling beginner repair kit is:

-Comes with genuine gold powder 1g

-Accompanying items are not included such as plate, spatula, fine sandpaper etc

-Comes with 250% more urushi lacquers compared to beginner kit

-This kit is intended for advanced users who have many broken ceramics! Some items to be arranged on your own.

This kit contains the best quality supplies from Japan that are hard to get in other foreign countries. However, in addition to this kit, please arrange necessary items on your own which are easy to find in your local area. (See the enclosed kit manual for more details.) You will be also referred to the Kintsugi DIY video link of ours on youtube.

Contents: Raw urushi 50g/Neri Benbgara red urushi 50g/Tonoko powder 200g/Pearl gold 10g/Real Gold 1gram (22.7k), 0.3 g Real Silver - matte- <SEASONAL OFFER!> Slim Bamboo Spatula, Standard Brush, Extra Fine Brush, Powder Removal Brush, Pure silk cotton ball, Sandpaper #1200, Rubber glove (L), English kintsugi manual

Caution: Urushi lacquer is actually the sap of a tree that grows in East Asia. It is a natural substance that forms a clear, hard and waterproof surface when dried properly. Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, so please take necessary measures to protect yourself.


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