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Glass Fibre Shakuhachi 1.6 "GEN" BY DAISUKE KAMINAGA


Glass Fibre Shakuhachi 1.6 "GEN" BY DAISUKE KAMINAGA

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Gen Shakuhachi was created from a desire to make more people familiar with the shakuhachi by pursuing easier playing and handling.

Gen was developed under the supervision of Daisuke Kaminaga, Japanese shakuhachi player of Wagakki Band and Hanafugetsu.
Demo by Kaminaga on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqRVLdYrsPM
CONTENTS (Please see the link below for 1.8)
Gen Shakuhachi Size: 1.6 (E) Weight: 280 gram
Cleaning Cloth/Grease/Semi-Hard Case
NOTE: Injection molding always leaves a runner mark. The "Gen" has one runner at the end of the tube and at the upper tube joint. Runner marks are not a defect.
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