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Comfy Seiza Chair


Comfy Seiza Chair

Product #: A4043
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All shakuhachi players know what it's like to get stiff or painful knees after sitting "seiza" for prolonged periods of time playing. This compact chair takes some of the load off, allowing you to sit and play longer and without pain. It isn't even visible from the outside if you're wearing a kimono.(It is invisible from the front side too) You can change the height 3 levels. 

-Weight:900 grams

-Approx height 12cm/14.5cm/17cm (4.72/5.70/6.69 inch)

-Shipping this item alone to Asia 1800 yen/EU, North America, Oceania: 2400 yen/South America 3800 yen

--This is a final price, No seasonal discount will apply to this item.

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