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High-Grade Cotton Cleaning Cloth (For Shakuhachi)


High-Grade Cotton Cleaning Cloth (For Shakuhachi)

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A cleaning cloth with a shiny gemstone named "Tiger Eye."
Tiger's Eye is a crystal with beautiful bands of yellow-golden color throughout. This is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. It has the power to focus your mind to give you mental clarity and assist you with solving problems.
The cloth is made from a Japanese summer kimono fabric.
Ideal gift for Shakuhachi lovers!!
--33x35cm (12.9x13.7 in), String with weight 65cm/25.5 in (Long string 100cm/39.7 in included)
For a long sized flute, please reattach the included longer string.


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