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Shakuhachi wo Hajimeru Hon - Starting a Shakuhachi


Shakuhachi wo Hajimeru Hon - Starting a Shakuhachi

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Daisuke Kaminaga, who also holds a shakuhachi instructor's license from the Tozan School, provides easy-to-understand explanations based on his own teaching experience.
Even if you do not have a shakuhachi at hand, you can start by blowing a "cup" as a trial, using the same mechanism for making shakuhachi sounds. Once you can make a sound with a cup, you can play the shakuhachi with the same methods.
After mastering the minimum number of notes on the shakuhachi, you can then try the "practice pieces" prepared for each scale you can play, and the "challenging pieces," which include music written by Daisuke Kaminaga specifically for this book.
The book is written based on 1.8 <5-hole> shakuhachi. The fingering chart and terminologies are from "Tozan school."
Author: Daisuke Kaminaga (Wagakki Band). Contents: Kojo no Tsuki, Kachofugetsu, Merry san no hitsuji, Tulip, Eight Melodies, Hoshizukiyo, Asamoya.
A Complete Manual for Beginners. Comes with a CD.
Japanese texts only.

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