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Shakuhachi Making Set for All Levels


Shakuhachi Making Set for All Levels

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Shakuhachi making set for all levels.  Urushi lacquers for further tuning are not included.*

Will ship in a large box (60*50*40cm, 23.6*19.6*15.7 in) DHL fee is mostly from 28,000 JPY to 48,000 JPY to most NOrth America and the EU. (Except rural areas and Australia/New Zealand)

This is for jiari shakuhachi with a joint part, not jinashi.

1. "Shakuhachi Building Guidebook" textbook in English/Chinese/Japanese
2. Work Box
3. Madake Bamboo for 1.8
4. Kiridashi Knife
5. Aron Super Glue
6. Shakuhachi Design Sheet
7. Mini Bit
8. Ring Auger3)
9. Gari A
10. Gari D
11. Razor saw
12. Line Cutter
13. Rounded Chisel
14. String
15. Stainless Ring
16. 3-rin Rattan 
17. Joint Section Insert M
18. Interior Gauge 16
19. Thick Rasp (Atsuhira)
20. Detail Saw
21. Acrylic utaguchi (Please specify Kinko or Tozan)
22. Hambishi or Hanmaru rasp
23. Tungten Blade Work Knives
24. Hirako Rasp
25. Multipurpose Elliptic Rasp
26. Utaguchi Line Maker- Production Discontinued (Replacement: Bamboo Cleaning Brush L)
27. Angle Measure
28. Masking Tape
29. Finger Hole Gauge for 1.8
30. Drill Bit 10.0mm (Star-M Corp)
31. Drill Bit 10.5mm (Star-M Corp)
Contents are fiexd.
*Seasonal discount does not apply to this item.

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