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Raw Seshime Lacquer


Raw Seshime Lacquer

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A.K.A. Ki Urushi, Light brownish raw lacquer.  50g or 100g
To be mixed with the tonoko powder for making the shakuhachi's interior "ji"  Spread the mixture as thinly as possible a number of times, avoiding thick coats.
Also used for honji (houji) primer to make fountain pens.
NOTE: Japanese-made urushi causes stronger allergic reactions than standard urushi. For this reason, it is likely to cause a serious rash & other symptoms, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems. Please refrain from using this urushi unless you know that you are urushi tolerant. If you feel something unusual after the urushi application, you should visit a dermatologist.
Two Urushi are ALWAYS required for Kintsugi repair: Seshime Raw and Neri Bengara Urushi.
Substitute of this kind is UM0203 "Low Allergy Urushi Lacquer, Raw 100g"
Disclaimer: We cannot be responsible or liable for any damage, injury or health problems that may result or arise from your use of urushi related products and any information obtained from us. Please use at your own risk.
It is also known in Japan that any natural whetstone's backside needs to be reinforced with Urushi paintings. RAW (Seshime) Urushi is applied for this purposes.
Depending on how much strength you want, 3--10 painting are normally required.
Please remember, one Urushi lacquring takes 4--7 days to dry in a drying cabinet called "Muro," so this can be a long process.


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