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Neri Bengara Urushi Lacquer 100g-Red


Neri Bengara Urushi Lacquer 100g-Red

Product #: UM0304
Price: ¥3,630 /
Ships within 3 days

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· Dark Red
· Used for Kintsugi repair and makie.
· There is NO need to mix with other Urushi lacquer before use.
· Best if used within 1 year from the purchase date.
· 100 grams
One of the 2 Urushi lacquers you need for Kintsugi repair! (The other one is A0301)
Substituting Urushi of this kind is UM0324 "Low Allergenic Neri Bengara Red 100g"
AREA  1 tube 2 tube 3 tube 4 tube 5 or More
ASIA 900 JPY 1,100 JPY 1,300 JPY 1,600 JPY Please ask
Europe/North America/Oceania 1,100 JPY 1,300 JPY 1,500 JPY 1,800 JPY Please ask
South America (Express mail only) 2,800 JPY 2,800 JPY 2,800 JPY 2,800 JPY Please ask

As of Summer 2019  *We do not ship to Italy and Africa.

*Although Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, proper handling (gloves and long-sleeve shirt), and working in a well-ventilated area will prevent an allergic reaction. Urushi is a natural material and does not contain toxic chemical additives. 
**No microwave and dishwashing machines for lacquerwares please.


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