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Low Allergy Urushi-Japanese Lacquer, Raw Urushi 100g


Low Allergy Urushi-Japanese Lacquer, Raw Urushi 100g

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A step-by-step Kintsugi instructional video on youtube!

Attention painters, potters, and swordsmith artists!

Long awaited low-allergenic Urushi is finally available! This product is much safer than other traditional Japanese Urushi lacquers.
The risk of an allergic reaction is extremely low due to the addition of a special protein substance that coats the Urushi and safeguards it from skin exposure. 
Our low-allergenic Urushi can be mixed with other pigments to add more brightness. This Urushi is often used for Kintsugi and Fuki Urushi technique.
Also used for honji (houji) primer to make fountain pens.
It is also known in Japan that any natural whetstone's backside needs to be reinforced with Urushi paintings. Pure (Seshime) Urushi is applied for this purposes.
Depending on how much strength you want, 3--10 painting are normally required.
Please remember, one Urushi lacquring takes 4--7 days to dry in a drying cabinet called "Muro," so this can be a long process.
A.K.A. Ki Urushi
Color: Light Brown (Same color as regular urushi "Seshime")
100g tube  English instructions on "How to Use Urushi" are included. 
*This does not guarantee that the product will not cause an allergic reaction in some individuals
**No microwave and dishwashing machines for lacquerwares please.
Disclaimer: We cannot be responsible or liable for any damage, injury or health problems that may result or arise from your use of urushi related products and any information obtained from us. Please use at your own risk.



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