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Japanese-Made Kijomi Urushi


Japanese-Made Kijomi Urushi

Product #: UM0521
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Color: Amber  
50g tube or 20g in a dropper attached shading glass bottle.
Japanese-made urushi. 
Often used for top coat and fixate the  gold/silver on Kintsugi repair.
NOTE: Japanese-made urushi causes stronger allergic reactions than standard urushi. For this reason, it is likely to cause a serious rash & other symptoms, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems. Please refrain from using this urushi unless you know that you are urushi tolerant. If you feel something unusual after the urushi application, you should visit a dermatologist asap.
<For Kintsugi to fixate the gold or silver sprinkled on the repair>

Mix kijomi urushi with kerosene (if needed, substitute the kerosene for turpentine oil) at a one-to-one ratio. -->Cover the gold/silver with the above mixture. Try painting it thinly. -->Take a tissue and fold it. -->Lightly press the folded tissue several times onto the paint until you see no color on the tissue. -->Dry the repair in the muro box for another few days.

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