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Easy Shinobue Book with CD


Easy Shinobue Book with CD

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The shinobue flute is called the "classical" or "hayashi" style of flute, and is currently the most commonly used flute is "Uta, with a scale that incorporates the average scale of Western music. There are many types of shinobue flutes, including 4-, 6-, and 7-hole flutes, as well as flutes of various lengths. In this manual, we will proceed using the 6-hon UTA (B flat), which is ideal for beginners in terms of range, length, and so on.

Instructional manual for beginners in western style sheet music. (Non-numerical shinobue style)

Songs to include: Kojo no tsuki, Toryanse, Chugoku chiho no kom,oiuta, Hiraita hiraita, Kawaii anoko, Antagatadokosa, and more.

Japanese Only. Comes with author's performance CD. Author: Toki Tatara

p.120 / ISBN978-4-7549-4544-2


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