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Wadaiko and Shinobue, Flute ensemble with CD


Wadaiko and Shinobue, Flute ensemble with CD

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All music is written in western notation, so you can switch the shinobue flute to western flute and enjoy the ensemble with different tones of Japanese and Western instruments. 
Japanese drums have a designated right hand (R) and left hand (L) specifications. By playing according to the score, you can learn to ensemble with the yokobue flute naturally.
A special feature of this book is that it is notated with the ornamental finger technique “Sashi-yubi”, which is naturally used in Japanese flute playing.
Sashi-yubi technique has been passed down orally since ancient times, and is a secret, and people are encouraged to steal and learn from the techniques of their predecessors.

Shinobue & Wadaiko music in western style sheet music. (Non-numeric shinobue style) Comes with a practice song CD which contains ensemble of Shinobue & Wadaiko.

Songs: Usagi,Kokiriko Bushi,LaLaLa,Arauma Odori,Hachijo Koiuta,Tanomichi Uta,Warabeuta medley,Kagari Dangaku 

Japanese texts only.  Written by Tatara Toki &  Hiroshi Okubo.

P.128, ISBN4-7549-4543-3

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