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Real Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair


Real Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair

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Due to the price spike of gold since Spring 2020, there is a huge demand for gold globally. We do not get enough of gold powders, and this wil be unavailable for the time being. <Sep 2020>


1 gram is 0.0352 oz.


Similar to calcium and iron, gold is a mineral that is safe to eat, though it is not a crucial part of our diet.

Thus gold is an all-natural mineral/approved food that is non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs, and is easily tolerated by the body!


A step-by-step Kintsugi instructional video on youtube!

Genuine gold powder for Kintsugi Repair.

Needs polishing with ideally agate or magnilia charcoal, if not use the sandpaper.

22.7k, 4.9% Silver, 0.66% Copper blending.  Made in Japan

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