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Natural Pearl Powder-Gold for Kintsugi/Makie


Natural Pearl Powder-Gold for Kintsugi/Makie

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A step-by-step Kintsugi instructional video on youtube!

Made of natural mica powder and titanium.
Mica is a naturally occurring mineral dust often used in makeup foundations.
This powder is super glossy and does not require grinding after use.
While the UM306 Alternative Gold Powder has a darkish gold, this one is brighter and shines!— It can also be mixed with other painting materials.
COMPONENT: Mica/Silicon dioxide/Titanium dioxide/Iron oxide
10 g/0.35 oz
50g/1.76 oz
UPC: 1220687242657
Made in Japan *Non-edible


Unlike other powders that are coarse, discolor easily, and don’t last, our metallic powders are delicate, high gloss and the finest available on the market today. 

For a glossy finish, move your brush in one direction only when applying this on your design. If you move your brush in different directions (for instance back and forth), it'll ruin the gloss.

     *Colors may vary due to computer screen resolutions/Final price.

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