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Naruhodo the Shakuhachi (Book with CD&DVD) Tozan


Naruhodo the Shakuhachi (Book with CD&DVD) Tozan

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An instructional book for complete beginners. More than 50 basic shakuhachi pieces in 120 pages, including children's songs, enka, screen music, etc.,. Step-by-step techniques from no-meri to medium meri and large meri (semitone). More than 50 practice songs and exercises are also included. The accompanying CD/DVD allow you to play the songs with guitar accompaniment.
Chapter 1: Before Playing the Shakuhachi
Chapter 2: How to Produce Sounds
Chapter 3: Basic Scale
Chapter 4: How to Read Music
Chapter 5: Semitone Melody Chapter
6: One Note Melody Chapter
7: Great Melody Chapter
8: Classical Techniques Chapter
9: Breathing Techniques for Improvement Chapter
10: Additional Info.
Author: Kuniyoshi Sugawara. For Tozan style beginners. Comes with a practice CD/DVD (NTSC, Region Free). Japanese only.

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