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Hira Maki-e Urushi Lacquer Kit (Basic) from Japan


Hira Maki-e Urushi Lacquer Kit (Basic) from Japan

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Since ancient times, urushi lacquer has been used to create a shiny, protective coating for many types of objects ranging from stone-age pottery to breathtaking maki-e (Also known as makie) lacquerware. One of Japan’s most distinctive and gorgeous art forms, lacquerware is often created with silver, gold and mother-of-pearl metallic designs.


Our Hira-Makie (means flat maki-e) Urushi Kit makes it possible for anyone to create makie art at home. Our kits contain the highest quality metallic powders available today and are created in Japan specifically for makie painting. Unlike other powders that are coarse, discolor easily, and don’t last, our metallic powders are delicate, high gloss and the finest available on the market today. Your makie art will maintain its beauty for many years to come, without fading, discoloring or chipping away.

Our Hira-Makie Urushi Kit comes with high quality metallic powders such as gold and  pearl, providing you with endless design possibilities. Simply trace your design onto your chosen object, paint with urushi lacquer, apply powder and let dry. It’s really that simple!

Apply your designs to everything from wood and ceramic to metal, and give your art as gifts to your family and friends. We are quite sure however, that you will love your masterpiece so much that you’ll want to keep it to display in your own home!

Beginners can start by tracing a included pattern sample onto the Wooden Pendant. Then Do the gold powder sprinkling and  this'll be your own origina accessoryl!!

Our Kit Includes:
3 Types of Brushes, Alternative Gold Powder 5g, Pearl Gold Powder 10g, Color Powder (Seasonal), Maki-e Urushi Lacquer(Ivory), Small Plate, 100% Silk Cotton Ball, Tracing Paper, Transfer Paper, 2 Wooden Plain Pendant Heads, 2 Japanese Twining Cords, Pattern Paper, Easy-to-Read English ManualPaper, Easy-to-Read English Manual,


We regret that the Camphor OIL included in our Kit is now prohibited from export from Japan therefore we cannot ship abroad.
The good news is that it is usually available at your local art supply/hardware store. Thank you for your understanding.

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