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Book: Easy Introduction to Shinobue


Book: Easy Introduction to Shinobue

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An introductory book recommended for those who have a shinobue for the first time. It has an extensive collection of tunes, so you can enjoy practicing even after you start to play the sound. You are able to learn how to play the shinobue flute step by step in both staff notation and numeric notation!

B5 size, 48 pages.

1:About Shinobue
2:Tone of the flute
3:Posture for playing the flute, and how to hold the holes
4:How to make a sound (pt1)
5:How to make a sound (pt2)
6:Practice of "6" and "5"
7:Practice of "7" and "5, 6, 7"
8: Practice for "uchi-yubi" , "four (4)"
9: Practice "three"(3)
10: Practice "two" (2)
and more chapters...

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