Kintsugi Repair Kit


Kintsugi Repair Kit

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Concerned about handling urushi lacquers? Check out our new arrival:

"Kintsugi Repair Kit with Low Allergenic Urushi"

Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of using lacquer, mixed with silver, gold, or metalic powders to repair broken pottery/porcelain. The philosophy behind this technique is to treat the repair as part of the object’s history as opposed to treating the repair as something to hide as if it never happened.

You will repair in a traditional method using real urushi lacquers, without any artificial materials.


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With the Kintsugi Repair Kit, it is possible to effectively repair damaged pottery/porcelains. The resulting repaired pottery will be both visually appealing and durable as well. The Japanese have been using lacquering techniques for approximately 9,000 years, and this skill and art form is still valued to this day.
Now with our easy-to-read English instruction manual, anyone can make beautiful kintsugi-art!

2 types of Gold Powders included: Alternative Gold Powders and Natural Pearl Gold Powders.
They are different gold colors, you can choose which to use depends on your object's color.

*See below for an additional shipping fee. **Sorry, we do not ship to China and Italy at the moment.

Caution: Urushi lacquer is actually the sap of a tree that grows in East Asia. It is a natural substance that forms a clear, hard and waterproof surface when dried properly. Although Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, proper handling (gloves and long-sleeve shirt), and working in a well-ventilated area will prevent an allergic reaction. Urushi is a natural material and does not contain toxic chemical additives.   

NOTE: We regret that the TURPENTINE OIL included in our Kintsugi Repair Kit is now prohibited from export from Japan therefore we cannot ship abroad.
The good news is that it is usually available at your local art supply/hardware store.
We now replace the TURPENTINE OIL in our kit with Fuki Urushi Paper. Thank you for your understanding.
*Kit items are fixed, cannot be replaced with someting else.

Dear Purchasing Customers: Let us know how you did with your kintsugi photos!! We'll be happy to share with others:)
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