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Quality Aluminum Shakuhachi Music Stand


Quality Aluminum Shakuhachi Music Stand

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Japan-Made Extremely Light and Compact Aluminum Music Stand for Professionals.
This music stand was originally created for Japanese shakuhachi flute players who use a long and wide sheet music.
Now this stand is largely popular among western music players for its durability and lightness! Most suitable if you are travelling often!! Comes with free pleather carrying bag.
Aluminum stand is light and fragile compared to stainless stands. Please be careful when tightening the screw.
Carefully Made in Japan
Height: 580-1100mm (22.83-43.3")
Longest Width: 850mm (33.46")
Body Weight:600g (1.27lbs)
Folded size: 330x90mm (12.99x3.54")
  Asia North America and Oceania Europe and Russia South America
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