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-Mon: Maple(Wood) Shakuhachi 1.8(D) - Traditional Zen Flute **Listen**


-Mon: Maple(Wood) Shakuhachi 1.8(D) - Traditional Zen Flute **Listen**

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Production discontinued.

Mejiro's original shakuhachi "MON" went out of production some years ago due to price rise in wooden mterials.

With the tuning design being enhanced and renewed, our MON shakuhachi is back on sale!

No worries about getting cracks!! Comes with utaguchi cap.
Wooden patterns may differ from the image.

Utaguchi is painted with synthetic resin coating. Please refrain from scratching and touching.


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Excellent value for money

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Submitted by Alexander Perkalsky on Thu, 2015/05/07 - 8:15pm
I ordered this instrument to take it outdoors for practice with no worry for cracks. This a beautiful instrument, feels good in hand and slightly lighter than the bamboo flute of the same size. The tuning is perfect, It's very easy to take any note including Dai Kan. The quality of workmanship and finishing is excellent, I did not find any flaws though I'm very pedantic. The sound is less condensed as compared to the bamboo flute, but the bamboo flute also costs accordingly. Overall, I'm very satisfied.

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