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Imperfect Male Japanese Samue, L Size


Imperfect Male Japanese Samue, L Size

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Reason for Discount: Discoloration on the collar. Only 1 in stock.
Samue are comfortable and multifunctional two piece garments consisting of a jacket and pants. 
The jacket is about thigh-length, crossing over the chest left over right, much like a kimono. 
Unlike kimono, however, samue do not require the use of obi belts. 
They are secured at the waist with a simple tie (no difficult obi belt knots to learn!). 
Samue pants are either calf- or ankle-length and usually have an elastic or drawstring waistband
As samue were originally “work clothes,” they are made from comfortable, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. 
Jacket Length 82cm,  Width 74cm
*Footwear(Geta) in the image is not inclusive.

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