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Beginner's Guide to Japanese Urushi


Beginner's Guide to Japanese Urushi

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--The Art of Japanese Urushi Lacquer--
Learn everything you need to know about Urushi in the Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Urushi. This invaluable guide to Urushi lacquer is the first instruction manual booklet of its kind written in the English language. For centuries this classic Japanese art form has been popular among lacquerware artisans, who have prized the natural qualities of Urushi sap for its ability to enhance, harden and protect items such as pottery, wood, bamboo and even paper.
The Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Urushi introduces you to this natural lacquer’s history, potential uses, different types, safe handling practices, the types of tools used for application, and much more.
The Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Urushi explores this natural product that has, until now, only been available to professional artisans. 
Learn everything you’ll need to know to get started with Urushi in this easy to read guide written with YOU! the beginner in mind.
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-Total 28 pages
-A5-size Paperback (148x210mm)
-English Only
-ISBN 9784990834807
-Edited by Mejiro Co.
-Printed in Japan  


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