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Cracked Japanese Madake Bamboo for Shakuhachi


Cracked Japanese Madake Bamboo for Shakuhachi

Product #: A0253-929
Price: ¥5,184    ¥21,600 / RUB2,933
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Cracked or B-grade madake bamboo.

929C  2.0 Cracked! A0253-929C Dia.34.5mm(front) 
929D  1.9 Bump at the bottom. A0253-929D Dia.31.8mm(front) 33.0mm(side)
929E  1.8 A0253-929E Dia.34.6mm(front) 31.9mm(side)
929F  1.8 A0253-929F Dia.36.3mm(front) 32.8mm(side)

Shipping Fee to Asia 2,700 JPY
Shipping Fee to North America/Oceania 3,700 JPY
Shipping Fee to Europe 4,100 JPY


*For a single item only. Shipping via EMS. Sorry, we are currently not shipping to Africa, Italy and South America.
**We do not ship our bamboo with a phytosanitary certificate. If your country requires it to import a bamboo material, we are unable to ship you.

-NO refund for cracks occured during international transportation.

ALL sales are final.

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